SSP Programme Recruitment

Our Scholar Recruitment process is broad in reach and rigorous in searching for learners, who will ultimately be placed on the programme. We recruit from 1 June to 31 August annually. We collect thousands of applications in urban areas, peri-urban areas, townships and outlying areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria, East London and Grahamstown. We achieve this through a network we have developed over the years, that consists of feeder schools, community centres, township-based education programmes, not-for-profit organisations, and libraries. We also have focused outreach activities each year, including activations in high-density areas, and we have partnerships with various print and broadcast media organisations, where we put out a call for applications.

We Develop Leaders

Well-rounded leaders in South African society with a commitment to public service.

SSP Partner Schools

SSP enables academically distinguished, economically disadvantaged students to excel at some of the top private and public high schools in the Gauteng and Eastern Cape provinces. The SSP process begins by recruiting exceptional students from underprivileged communities and placing those students into top private and public high schools of nearby districts. To complete the process and ensure a positive outcome, SSP provides extensive support services for the students and their parents throughout all the high school years. SSP’s partner schools are among the best schools in South Africa and in the top 100 schools in Africa.

Support the Student Sponsorship Programme

SSP’s commitment to our Scholars is financial, however, we go far beyond this by providing a suite of services to our Scholars, including psycho-social support, and providing for their personal development needs. We do this through SSP Scholar Programme Officers (SPOs), who monitor the academic progress of the Scholar, as well as their psycho-social well-being. We also have the SSP Mentorship Programme, where each student is paired with a Mentor, who is typically a successful professional. The Mentor provides additional guidance throughout the mentee’s high school career. When this relationship is properly nurtured, mutually-rewarding friendships that have lasted well beyond the Scholar’s high school career, have emerged from this programme.

SSP News and Updates