In Conversation with Travis Bartosch (Grade 11, Selborne College)

SSP Scholar Travis Bartosch

Grade 11 Scholar, Travis Bartosch, of Selborne College, had distinctions in Life Sciences, Physical Science, History, Life Orientation, and represented South Africa in Karate at the World Japan Karate Association (WJKA) World Championships in Holland, where he received medals. He also captained the U17 Bush Bucks soccer team.

What has SSP done for Travis?

He found out about SSP through his mother, who works as a recruiter at one of the SSP Feeder Schools, Hudson Park Primary in East London. “This definitely changed my life. SSP has opened up doors for me that I never dreamed possible. It afforded me the opportunity to attend a truly world-class institution, in Selborne College. This school is rich in traditions, culture and values, and one which my parents would have never been able to afford to send me to, otherwise.”

Coping with family issues, Travis found support through SSP. “About halfway through Grade 9, I went through a rough time, after my aunt’s death and my father’s diagnosis of cancer. My marks deteriorated, and my lifestyle choices began to go astray. I could very easily have gone off the tracks. However, it was then that I realised the opportunity that I had been blessed with, and the expectations that I needed to fulfiI. It was the motivation of this sponsorship that allowed me to wake up, realise what I had been blessed with, and get my life back on track”.

Why did Travis choose karate?

Asked about karate, he replies, “It is less of a sport and more of an art. It builds both character and respect.” The philosophy of balance is one which he has adopted in his personal life, “in that I always try to find a balance in all things, and to succeed in as many different aspects of life as possible”.

When he represented SA in Holland, he was impressed – “The Netherlands is an awe-inspiring country. I entered a shop – gathered my items and paid for them all independently, there was not one human employee! It was all electronic, and the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she had paid for all their items. I was flabbergasted!”

What are his future plans?

His plans for the future are to study medicine at the University of Cape Town. “There have been many moments in my life, where outcomes could have been avoided, through proper medical care.” He continues, “Much of my life has been influenced by mistakes from doctors or from health care practitioners, and this is something I want to avoid happening to others. It won’t be about the money for me”, he says.

Travis intends to take courses in financial trading and investment, and make money on the stock market, with forex and Bitcoin. “I will find ways to make money, but being a doctor for me, is about helping people, taking time to make sure patients get proper treatment, and actually make a real difference in the lives of others. I hope to live a life that is not only fulfilling for me – but one that would allow me to help others to have a great life of their own.”