How do I become a Mentor?

  • Are you passionate about changing the up-and-coming leadership and future of this country?
  • Are you keen to share some of your time with a high school student?
  • Is there a part of you that would have appreciated some advice or guidance when you were younger, and would like to make that possible for a young person now?
  • Do you have some life and work experience?


If you answered yes to the above questions, you would be ideally suited to become a mentor! Every year, the Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP) recruits committed individuals to serve as mentors for our students. So what is Mentoring?

A mentor is an adult advisor, friend, career advisor and role model to the SSP Scholar. It is also an evolving dimension of satisfaction and transformation between two individuals. The relationship between mentors and mentees are all unique as no two relationships are alike. The golden thread weaving among all the relationships has been growth.

SSP mentors have been amazed and energised by the response from the students’ eagerness to have a mentor and want to know more. Mentors have found the mentorship experience deeply rewarding and fulfilling. The mentees, on the other hand, have reminded the mentors that life is still fun and they are still youthful with much to give. The constructive learning experience in the mentor and mentee relationship is phenomenal and ever evolving.

SSP matches mentors with SSP Scholars taking into consideration the location of both parties, interests, hobbies and gender preferences. If preferred by the mentor, SSP will also facilitate the first meeting with the mentee. At a minimum, SSP requires each mentor to:

• Attend a mandatory training session
• Participate four times per year, with your mentee, in SSP workshops or activities
• Call or email his or her mentee no less than once a month

The mentees are required to:

• Attend the 4 training/workshop sessions together with mentors
• Respond to calls and emails from the mentor
• Initiate calls and emails to the mentor
• Discuss their school reports each term with their mentor If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete this form (Mentor Application Form) or contact us at

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