You have the opportunity to create South Africa’s next lawyer, doctor or scientist by sponsoring an SSP Scholar. SSP matches each Scholar with an individual or institutional sponsor who makes a five year commitment to fund his or her education.

Each Scholar’s scholarship covers:
• Tuition fees
• School uniforms
• Textbooks
• Stationery
• School trips
• Sports equipment and uniforms

Being a sponsor is a deeply rewarding and enriching experience. The annual cost to sponsor an SSP Scholar is currently R60 500 / $6,000 for 2014 and R66 550 / $6,000 for 2015 (a 10% annual escalation applies for future years). You may also make a partial contribution over five years towards a child’s education. Please consider sponsoring a child today.

Sponsors receive:
• Semi-annual reports from SSP which include:
– Academic reports on your Scholar
– Letter from your Scholar
– Progress reports and feedback
• Regular e-newsletters from SSP

If you are located in South Africa, please download this form to sponsor an SSP Scholar. SSP is a registered Section 18a organisation and donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

If you are located outside of South Africa and would like to sponsor a child in USD, please complete this form to donate via our US partner, The Student Sponsorship Programme, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organisation.

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