Marlize Labuschagne –Scholar Programme Officer

Marlize Labuschagne

Marlize Labuschagne holds a degree in Psychology and Communications, a Post-graduate certificate in Education,and an Honours degree in Learner support. She is currently completing an Honours degree in Educational Psychology, as well as completing her Advanced Mind Moves Instructor’s training. She hopes to open her own Mind Moves practice in 2019. 

She joined SSP in 2014, as a part-time Scholar Programme Officer, working with the Pretoria scholars.

Marlize has a strong passion for underprivileged communities, especially children and has been known to organise charity drives on a whim. She enjoys being in the company of the SSP scholars because, not only do they help her remember what is important in life, they also keep her up to date on the newest music, fashion and teen lingo.