Spotlight on SSP Sponsor: Bassie Maisela of NBC Holdings

    NBC Holdings, Chief Executive Officer, Bassie Maisela speaks about NBC's partnership with SSP.

    SSP Sponsor company; NBC Holdings is home to the rent-free offices of SSP with many other generous perks including financial benefits and free Internet, as bequeathed by the late Patron Max Maisela. His son, Bassie Maisela, is the Chief Executive Officer for NBC and shared his thoughts with us.

    “My father, Max Maisela was very passionate about education – he could not go to university as he lost my grandfather when he was only 13 years old and had to assist my grandmother to raise his younger siblings,” Bassie says.

    Why does NBC sponsor SSP?

    “It was very close to his heart and he would do anything to support SSP financially and otherwise. He realised that not everybody might get the opportunities and/or natural talent that he had to succeed in life,” Bassie explains. “Education was for him, a means by which the youth, especially those who come from families who have limited resources, can pull themselves and their families out of the stranglehold of poverty and contribute to the growth of the South African economy”. 

    SSP’s stem subjects are English, Maths and Science – why is Maths so important for the future of the youth?

    “The financial services industry contributes 20 percent to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Mathematics is the heart of the industry -the demand for numerical skills is not restricted to the financial services industry only, but also other industries like engineering, mining and aviation, to name a few.  The demand for these skills is huge and the supply does not meet the demand”.

    What should be done to make Africa a formidable name to do business with?

    NBC was established in 1998 as the first black-owned financial company in South Africa, “focussing on the whole continent makes sense. The continent always had a special place in my father’s heart, so NBC will continue to strive to be the leader in people benefits in Africa”. The late Max Maisela “always believed that South Africa has made great strides in legislation and innovation in the retirement environment and wished to share our learnings with the rest of the continent, however, he was careful not to be seen to be imposing our ways,” his son adds.

    How does he feel about South Africa’s future?

    “South Africa is a beautiful country with lots of natural mineral resources and potential to attract massive investment, however, the last ten years has set us back greatly. I believe we need to address the scourge of corruption, socio-economic inequalities, poverty, unemployment and lack of real transformation in the economy”.