SSP’s Theory of Change

SSP Theory of Change
SSP's Theory of Change, easily explained.

The quality of education received by South African youth is highly unequal and depends heavily on the socioeconomic status of their families and their areas of residence. More specifically, the quality of education is much lower for those at lower socioeconomic strata.

High-achieving learners from under-resourced communities are unable to reach their full academic potential due to high fees at top-performing schools, and thus their chance of long-term success diminishes with time.

There is also a shortage of comprehensive programmes, which devote time and resources to recruiting and funding resilient and talented children from under-resourced communities to attend top-performing schools that are otherwise inaccessible.

South Africa, and Gauteng specifically, has seen a socioeconomic and political devolution in leadership within the past decade. The country is in need of leaders with critical skills who are representative of the majority and who are true custodians of South Africa in each sphere of society, especially in the STEM fields.

High quality secondary education that equips learners for STEM-oriented tertiary education and careers is necessary for the development of youth with the ability to fulfil this gap in critical skills and leadership.

SSP’s goal is to invest in high achieving learners from under resourced communities in order to facilitate the development of skilled and confident leaders, particularly in STEM fields.

We seek to achieve this goal by providing these learners with access to top performing Gauteng-based schools (as well as some Eastern Cape schools), in addition to comprehensive support programmes. Gauteng offers an ideal environment for this initiative, as it is South Africa’s main economic hub, has a high concentration of top quality schools, and is home to three of the nation’s top universities.


Financial Support:
To fund SSP Scholars for a full five years at our partner schools. This funding covers school fees, stationery, uniforms, and boarding and transportation as required.

Academic Support:
To ensure that the Scholars are maintaining academic excellence, to encourage STEM in subject choice, and to support Scholars through the university application process.

To match Scholars with an experienced professional who will act as an advocate in their networks, as well as support and guide them in achieving clarity in their personal and career objectives.

Parental Support:
To provide parents with guidance to navigate the new schooling system so that they can better support their children as they attend academically rigorous and culturally diverse high schools.

Personal Mastery:
To activate an achievement oriented mindset in every SSP Scholar through career guidance and the development of soft skills and leadership confidence.