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Avoid stress – Easy steps to apply online for an SSP Scholarship

As Africa welcomes the 4th Industrial Revolution, SSP also delves into the online world for our Scholarship drive to save all the documents, store the necessary contact numbers and ensure that data is saved and accessible, so we can choose our new Scholars easily.

New parents and guardians of prospective SSP Scholars are getting in touch with us to ask for help with the online application process. We understand how bureaucracy can defeat the best-organized of all adults and have made it simple so that all applicants have the documents ready on hand, to complete the application easily on www.ssp.org.za

  1. Firstly, take a photo of the child who is applying and ensure it is an electronic copy, saved onto your desktop or phone.

It should be small in size, as the system will reject a picture that is too large. This is for when the application asks for a photo, you can easily upload it.

  • Secondly, please scan all the documents that are required. Only five documents can be uploaded, so these should be grouped so this is easy to achieve.
  • These are ID documents (two guardians and the child),
  • Reports (final Grade 5, 2nd term Grade 6),
  • Payslip/s and/or grants (of guardian/s),
  • Financial statements (last 3 months) and/or study permit (if applicable),
  • Affidavit (if unemployed),

Have these readily available on your desktop or phone so you can upload them easily when requested, at the end of the application.

  • There are four areas for the address – one for each guardian and one for the postal system. If there is only one, simply cut and paste the same address. All must be filled-in.
  • When inputting the financial figures, leave no space blank. Input zeros – 00 and the system will accept these.

Avoid stress by following the steps above to complete your SSP application.

  • It can be scary but if the steps above are followed, your application will be easy and pain-free.

If you experience further problems, don’t hesitate to email us on contact@ssp.org.za or call us at 010 443-4572.

Good luck!