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The start of the year brings with it renewed energy for advancing our development efforts. This year we are gearing up to launch a high-impact recruitment campaign that will see SSP back to engaging with community centres, feeder schools, and after-school programmes.

We are calling on our development partners to come along with us to the various regions, districts and rural townships we will be visiting. This is an opportunity to engage with communities and to enable access to information that will support parents and guardians as they plan for education. Your valued contribution to a programme like SSP can be seen extended through these engagements. The impactful part is discovering high-potential scholars and walking the journey with them from day zero. For more information on the recruitment outreach campaign contactNamhla Ruselo, the SSP Executive Director. 

We welcome American Towers Corporation (South Arica) to our donor community; we look forward to an impactful journey together. Your support of the SSP programme and scholars is appreciated. 

Lastly, we would like to thank our donors for their support through the years and especially the last three years. Your contributions to SSP continues to impact the lives of families and entire communities, by leveraging education as a mechanism to break the cycle of poverty in South Africa. Thank you for making it possible for us to continue developing leaders.