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The SSP High School Scholarship is a 5-year programme that offers a suite of support programmes to assist the Scholars to reach their potential holistically.

It is a rigorous programme aimed at developing future leaders in all sectors of South African society.

Academic Monitoring

  • SSP undertakes detailed academic performance monitoring and facilitates interventions and support measures to ensure that SSP scholars learn and excel academically, and otherwise
  • SSP facilitates provision of extra lessons and/or consolidated classes for Scholars when this is required
  • SSP requires 65% and above in all subjects from Scholars

Parent Support Forum

  • The SSP Parent Forum ensures that parents’ voices are heard in decision-making processes
  • It aids in future improvements to the High School Scholarship programme
  • It develops and engages in activities which support the education and welfare of SSP Scholars
  • It encourages links between the SSP Parents, SSP, Scholars and the wider communities affected

Scholar Council

  • The SSP Scholar Council aims to serve the collective interests of all SSP Scholars. The Council aims to encourage and nurture a positive relationship between SSP and its Scholars.
  • The Council aims to make Scholars comfortable at their respective schools and to make students aware of what extra assistance SSP has for them.

Mentorship Programme

  • Each scholar is paired with a dedicated Mentor to ensure that an additional support structure is made accessible for the SSP Scholar
  • Mentors guide, support and motivate SSP Scholars
  • Mentors expose SSP Scholars to their chosen careers, and their professional networks
  • SSP provides training to the Mentors and Mentees and advises Parents on the selection process, to ensure that everyone is on board.

Alumni Relations

  • SSP’s Alumni Relations programme assists with university applications, facilitates funding for tertiary studies, and offers internship and employment opportunities for Alumni
  • Once the SSP scholar has graduated from the SSP programme in Matric, that SSP scholar becomes an Alumnus. There is an Alumni programme to facilitate networking and camaraderie amongst the SSP Alumni

Psycho-social Support

  • SSP has proven that with the necessary intervention and support measures in place it is possible for Scholars to overcome challenges, learn from experiences and excel academically and otherwise
  • SSP facilitates and encourages the use of all resources available to prevent scholars from underperforming and, in turn, to ensure a gratifying SSP experience.