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Lillian Saïd – Scholar Programme Officer

Lillian was born in Kroonstad and later moved to Eden Park to live with her parents. She attended Stoneridge Primary School and continued her secondary career at Eden Park Secondary School. It is here where she was elected as head girl during her Grade 12 year. She completed her marketing and advertising course at AAA School of advertising. Afterwards, she joined Media 24’s advertising department. While working at On-The-Dot logistics, as a team leader for the contact centre, she completed a course in Events Management for which she received a distinction.

Lillian is an active youth and community leader in her residential area and surroundings. She is vice chairperson of community organisation, Youth Ablaze, co-founder of drama group Cactus Arts, and events coordinator for youth dance group, Young Ambitious Minds. As a poet, Lillian has had a few of her pieces published in various media, but looks forward to the day when her whole poetry collection will be published. Lillian is also the editor of ‘Aweh’ magazine. She joined the SSP team in 2010 because she believes that by keeping our youth motivated, we are investing in a better tomorrow for us all.