Meet SSP’s Graduate and Alumni Associate, Zandile Bekwa

    Meet SSP’s Graduate and Alumni Associate, Zandile Bekwa, who is urging SSP Alumni to connect with our Alumni community.

    Meet SSP’s Graduate and Alumni Associate, Zandile Bekwa. Watch her video here –

    The SSP Graduate and Alumni Office appeals to all SSP Alumni to reconnect with the organisation, as it celebrates 20 years of impact! As beneficiaries – it is the Student Sponsorship Programme Alumni stories and our successes that will help carry the organisation to greater heights. There are many ways to get involved:

    1. Engage with SSP on social media.
    2. Join the SSP Alumni network’s LinkedIn Page:…
    3. Share your achievements and successes with SSP.
    4. Become an SSP ambassador in your company, community and networks.
    5. Become an SSP Mentor.
    6. Make a donation to SSP.
    7. Volunteer to disseminate applications during the SSP recruitment drive.
    8. Volunteer at SSP Career Guidance Events: share your experiences and advice on your chosen career path.
    9. Be a part of the SSP Alumni board and planning committees.
    10. Attend SSP Alumni networking and information sharing events.

    Contact the SSP Alumni office at or 010 443 4581.