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Spotlight on SSP Donor: Gus Pringle of BBD

SSP partner, Gus Pringle of BBD, Africa’s leading custom software development company shares why he and his firm believe education is so important.

“BBD is passionate about upliftment though education. Many of us at BBD have been fortunate enough to have had access to excellent education, hence why we want to build that incredibly small pool of software engineers to include the broader spectrum of the population, who have the potential but not the means.”

Straight-to-the point, Gus explains how BBD wants to promote and work with problem-solvers who are mad about technology. “There are many people who are extremely bright and with massive potential, yet they’re often lost in the formal system.”

However, Working with disruptive education programmes such as WeThinkCode (WTC), has enabled BBD to uncover incredible minds, who are now coding head-to-head as BBD graduates with top university degreed individuals.

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