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SSP Alum Akholiwe Ngceba Speaks on the Power of Education

We caught up with SSP Alumna, Akholiwe Ngceba, who shared with us her views on the importance of education.

Q: What did you study and where?

A: I studied a B.Com majoring in Economics and Legal Theory at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. I then did an Advanced Diploma in Economic Policy at the University of the Western Cape, and now I am studying towards B.Com (Hons) – Economics.

Q: How has education played a role in your life?

A: Education has opened many doors for me; it has exposed me to many opportunities that I would have never been aware of both personally and professionally. The advantages are really countless! I am in the Oil and Gas industry as a Business Analyst, mostly on the economic evaluations side for investment decision making and production performance analysis. Although some of the work is technical and I do not have an engineering background, the economics and law aspects of my education have helped me understand the fiscal terms and economic valuation processes easier than if I did not have the formal education.

Socially, education also plays a major role. It bestows respect upon you from your peers and other members of society. If you perform really well at school and show discipline in the way you carry yourself, certain leadership roles outside of the formal work place may be offered to you. These will allow you to make decisions about the welfare of other people, and get involved in some ways to improve socio-economic conditions for your community and society at large